Professional Planting

We can recommend what type of trees/ plants to plant in your garden where needed. The Greenwells Team are very experienced in planting and tree care, we currently offer the following services:

The pruning of different plants happens at different times of the year and you prune using different methods to help the plants growth. It is necessary to control the plants growing patterns and to help them flower. If pruned incorrectly plants may not recover.

Hedge cutting and shaping
Keeping your hedges cut makes your property look so much tidier and is imperative for proper growth. Our experienced staff will cut or shape your hedges to any of your personal specifications.

The cutting of trees and shrubs to ground level allowing vigorous regrowth and a sustainable supply of timber for the future.

The complete removal of a tree, the stump will be left as close to the ground as possible but will be above ground level.

The removal of all branches from the trunk or the regular pruning of small branches. To control a trees growth.

Crown Reduction
Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of branches whilst maintaining the tree’s natural shape as far as possible. This allows more light into your garden and can replenish a trees natural shape.

Crown Thinning
The removal of a selection of secondary branches to produce a uniform branch structure without altering the size or shape of the tree. This improves the amount of light levels passing through the canopy thus reducing shading and it also reduces the wind resistance.

Crown Lift
The removal of the lowest branches, normally to give a uniform height from ground level. Crown lifting should not normally include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk because this may jeopardise the tree’s future. You would usually want this procedure to bring more light into your garden.

Fruit Tree Pruning
Fruit trees must be properly trained and pruned otherwise they lose will their shape and form. These trees will yield more high quality fruit and live significantly longer.

Tree Pruning
Is a term used to describe the combination of different procedures on a tree.

Formative Pruning
Pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth, to establish a structure and form.

Branch Removal
Removal of specific branches as requested for safety etc.

Removal of Deadwood
The removal of deadwood from the canopy of the tree.

Stump Grinding
The removal of a trees stump to make a lawn look more tidy and create more space.

Planting new trees on your property either young or more developed specimens.

After the felling of a tree or an already fallen tree we can cut.


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